May 22 • 2M

About the Skeptical Shaman

Who is Rachel White of TOTEM Readings, and what is the Skeptical Shaman Podcast going to be about?

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Rachel White
Democratizing spirituality for the spiritually-homeless, one episode at a time. We talk to the true believers, the skeptics and the cynics, and empower our listeners to make their own decisions-- and take control of their personal spiritual scavenger hunt!
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We’re about to start an incredible journey, exploring the world of woo and addressing the burning questions for the “spiritually homeless”. In the Skeptical Shaman podcast, host Rachel White will talk to everyone: the cynics, the skeptics, the curious, and the true believers. Why? Well, the truth is always somewhere in the messy middle.

Rachel White is the owner of TOTEM Readings and a trained shaman, medium, energy worker and herbalist. Rachel is the co-creator of the TOTEM Tarot Deck, available for sale on Amazon. Rachel is also the owner of the TOTEM Readings ATX Etsy Shop, making hand-made flower essences available to the market.

Interviews and new episodes to come, so keep your eyes peeled to listen, like, share and subscribe!