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All about herbs, with Megen Mundy

All about herbs, with Megen Mundy

The owner of our local herb emporium, The Herb Bar, joins us to chat milky oats and other "seedy" things.

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In this episode of The Skeptical Shaman podcast, host Rachel White (of TOTEM Readings) chats with Megen Mundy, the owner of Austin's oldest and most established herbalism store, the Herb Bar.

Rachel and Megen kick off this new season of the Skeptical Shaman podcast with a deep dive into the wide world of herbalism: how herbs support wellness, what issues they treat + support, and what herbs everyone should have as their "go-to's" in their pantry. This isn't hippy shit. This is human shit, and people like Megen and her team at the Herb Bar are working to bring back the old ways and reconnection shoppers and clients to the healing, plant magic all around us.

And our discussion of "le milky oats" is enough to make you blush!

Rachel and Megen also discuss flower essences: how they are the gentle, "gateway drug" for more intense herbalism protocols and tinctures-- not to mention witchy AF! The Herb Bar carries several TOTEM Flower Essences, and will be hosting our joint TOTEM Flower Essence Deck-themed event on the Summer Solstice.

Secure your ticket (and swag bag) for the TOTEM Flower Essence Deck event at the Herb Bar on June 21st here:

(The TOTEM Flower Essence Deck will be available at The Herb Bar, on Etsy, and on Amazon this Summer, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!)


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