You mentioned smashing pumpkins for the critters we’ve done that every year - the gourds too once we’re done having them as outdoor decorations. Without fail every summer we are “gifted” something in our yard, a pumpkin, decorative gourd, this year an acorn squash planted in the raised bed right behind the house for us to harvest. I also assume a fairly casual approach - something growing I don’t recognize- I leave it for a bit because it’s probably something good.

A few years back another woo friend asked the flowers about picking them to enjoy and they told her, “we don’t mind,” they know they bring joy.

I need to get the book 😊

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Get the book. Join the TOTEM Book Club. Become a woo comrade in arms. For together we shall storm the metaphorical Bastille that holds all of our collected esoteric wisdom!!!

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