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The Saturn Diaries, with Cardsy B
The Saturn Diaries, with Cardsy B
What happens when the planets stop being polite, and start getting real?

In this episode of The Skeptical Shaman podcast— now unlocked for all subscribers— host Rachel White (of TOTEM Readings) chats with Cardsy B, aka Rebecca Szymczak, the host of the Hex and the City podcast and author of The Saturn Diaries. Cardsy B is a working witch, tarot card reader, and intuitive coach that has published her own tarot deck-- a bit like our host here at The Skeptical Shaman.

In this episode, we explore the question: "What happens when the planets stop being polite, and start getting real?"

We go deep on the impact crater of our Saturn Return astrological phases, exploring the dark turns our lives can take as the planets wreak havoc. But it isn't all breakups and breakdowns-- sometimes, it's a really big breakthrough, and one that transforms our lives and sets us up for success long into the future.

The power of Cardsy's message lies in her "Zero F*cks" policy and radical honesty, laying bare her biggest struggles with a sense of humor, perspective and desire to help others avoid the pitfalls she stepped into along the way.

Of course, we satisfy the bloodthirsty, Sumerian gods-- *ahem*-- I mean our sponsor, the TOTEM Tarot Deck, by pulling a card to tie the whole damn dynamic chat together.

The upshot of this episode? Just because you're psychic and smart and powerful doesn't mean you're not a human having a human experience, so be kind and rewind!

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