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Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk

Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk

A roundtable discussion with the TOTEM Spiritual Transformation Coaching clients

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In this very special GROUP episode of The Skeptical Shaman podcast, host Rachel White (of TOTEM Readings) facilitates an illuminating discussion with three of her incredible TOTEM Spiritual Transformation Coaching clients-- and artists and spiritual practitioners in their own right:

- Abigail Kochunas of Sacred Healing Art LA
- Karen Cadeiro-Kaplan of Wisdom Collective
- Laura Oxendine of Thrown Light

This episode came together after a rather spontaneous-- and informal-- Ted Talk all about spirituality and spiritual growth from an authentic, human-scaled perspective. When we do long-form shamanic work-- like in the TOTEM Coaching Program-- there are all kinds of game-changing flashes of insight, shifted paradigms, and even some real-deal surprises. These bonafide proofs are often lost in the noise of the spiritual development space of Canva templates and reductionist life coaching crap, remaining untold stories of legitimate, game-changing interactions with the realm of spirit.

That is, they were untold stories-- until now.

The upshot of these spiritual experiences? You don't always get what you thought you wanted, but you always get what you actually need. These ladies share some incredible anecdotes about their recent (and ongoing) "spiritual scavenger hunts", revealing how they followed the bread crumb trail to greater personal, professional and artistic inspiration and expansion. They all make one simple, actionable recommendation that listeners can put into effect immediately to set them up for spiritual development success.

Of course, we wrap our discussion with a card pull from our TOTEM Tarot Deck, revealing yet again that there is no such thing as coincidence when in the waters of Woo.

And not even L. Ron Hubbard's ghost can stop us.

Want to learn more about the TOTEM Spiritual Transformation Coaching Program, which is kicking off again in January 2024? Visit our website and/or book a free coaching consultation here:

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